Independent Driving Test Route Video

This driving instructor video shows one of the routes used for the independent driving element of the test at Mill Hill.

You will be required for about 10 minutes to drive safely following road signs and markings towards various name places such as Edgware, Belmont, Kingsbury. If you really want a test pass at Mill Hill then get used to spotting signs, understanding road markings and being able to drive independently in a safe manner approaching junctions at the right speed, timing your signals effectively and getting in to lane on time. The routes covered on this video are current and up to date as of March 2014 unlike other information available on some websites which has old 2009 DSA routes and are not visual!

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If you would like to practise on these routes with a knowledgeable Mill Hill driving instructor, then give me a call today, and let me help you pass your driving test. I can also offer my car for the driving test on a hire basis which includes an hour lesson before your appointment.

Free Driving Test Advice Video
The free video below shows another route also used by the DSA examiners in Mill Hill, though it is not as tough as the one above, it is still very informative:

There are more free videos on my YouTube channel, so check it out.

Visit this website regularly for more tips to help pass your driving test at Mill Hill and be a safe driver.

Mill Hill Driving Test Centre Insider Videos

I'm currently working on a series of videos that will help you to increase your chances of passing the driving test at Mill Hill first time.

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This test centre has an average pass rate of 34%, and over the last 10 years as a fully qualified DSA driving Instructor I have seen many candidates pass and fail, so the purpose of this video is to highlight the areas that has been the downfall of many drivers, help you avoid the same mistakes and faults, giving your every chancing of passing the driving test first time or on your next attempt.

This driving test video will not be free, but it will be affordable and help you save a lot of money in driving test and lesson fees, and will be of particular use to those learning to drive with family/friends or those with instructors not familiar with the area.

The first of these videos is now available, and is aimed at those taking the driving test in their own private car at the Mill Hill test for the first time or non local instructors not familiar with the area.

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The second video in the series covers one of the hardest driving test routes in London. On this DSA route in Mill Hill, you not only have to deal with the notorious and dread Apex corner multi-lane roundabout but also include a 70mph dual carriageway, turning right at sterling corner all during the 10 minute independent driving element of the test!

About Me
My name is Shola and I'm the well established fully qualified independent driving instructor behind the very popular and free online driving test tips website UKADI.
I have been living and working in Mill Hill, NW7 London for almost 10 years and know all the test routes as well as the DSA examiners, what they are looking for, which ones use their discretion more, and what it takes to get a pass, so if anyone should be making a video for this test centre then it should be me.

Please don't feel you have to buy the video, there are plenty of free videos and tips on my UKADI website, like the one below of the dreaded apex corner multi-lane roundabout on both Mill Hill and Hendon test routes.

Mill Driving Test Centre Address
Unit 9 Grannard Business Centre Bunns Lane
Mill Hill

Contact Telephone Number: This is on your DSA Appointment letter or Email and should only be used to call to check if your test is going ahead during bad weather conditions usually in winter, and not summer months. All other queries about your test should be directed to the DSA customer services centre.

I also have some information to help with the nearby Hendon test centre.

For Driving Lessons in Mill Hill or if your require an Instructor's dual controlled car for a test in NW7 or Hendon centre, get in touch with me today.