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As a DSA qualified instructor based in Mill Hill, I get asked a lot of questions about this practical centre, with many looking for information about the centre routes or knowing how easy it is to pass, what the examiners are like etc. Over the last 10 years or so I have helped many provisional licence holders achieve their dream of passing the driving test at Mill Hill, sharing my detailed knowledge of the examiners, routes used, best time to avoid the trickier traffic conditions and provided tips and advice to guarantee success.

On this website I have colated a lot of valuable information from my many years of experience that will also help you do the same. I have made 2 videos that further provide tips to any test candidate using the DSA Mill Hill centre in Bunns Lane NW7 London for the very first time or those who would like to improve their chances on the next attempt having failed here previusly, especially if you got the hard test route involving the 70mph A1 dual carriageway and the sterling corner multi-lane roundabout.

Over the 10 years of helping provisional and foreign licence holders pass here, I have seen many people commit serious or dangerous faults which have obviously led to failure, but at the same time I have seen many people using their private cars or driving instructors not familiar with DSA examiners here fail on simple silly things and the purpose of the first video is to help you avoid wasting that £62 or £75 driving test fee on your first visit here. Even if you are a competent and confident driver, there are many things which you can do to avoid making a driving error which given the right circumstances the DSA examiner would classify as a serious fault.

The average pass rate at Mill Hill is currently around 34% (national average is about 42%)and with waiting times of up to 12 weeks to get a driving test appointment it is important that you give yourself the best chance of passing when you are assessed by the DSA driving examiners. Having invested a considerable amount of time and effort in creating this video to help you increase your chances of passing first time, I know that it is worth spending a few pounds to avoid disappointment especially since you would not like to waste the money spent on driving lessons and also have to wait another 10 days to get another DSA appointment. If you have never used this test centre before, then there is a lot you need to know about the examiners, routes and what to do to pass. The video is an instant digital download so you don't need to wait a couple of days for it to arrive in the post, so ideal if your test is soon and need some last minute advice from a knowledgeable local driving instructor.

Call me if you need to hire a car for test, last minute practise or driving lessons in Mill Hill/Hendon.

Reputable Experienced Driving Instructor in Mill Hill
If you are wondering who I am, and why you should listen to any advice I am giving, then let me introduce myself. My name is Shola, and I'm the instructor behind the popular free Driving Test Advice website UKADI. I have been a fully qualified DSA driving instructor for almost 10 years all of which have been based in Mill Hill NW London, so if anyone has the knowledge to pass onto learner drivers taking a test in their own private car or driving instructors not local to this area then I should be the one, which is why I have taken the time to create this product for you and recommend you take advantage of it. Taking driving lessons with me costs £25 per hour, and in that time I can go through the same information, but you could easily forget, or might need more time for it to sink in. You can watch this video many times, at less than half the cost a lesson, and it could potentially save you from having to pay the DSA another £62 test booking fee. Having spent a lot of time shooting/editing this video information together, I am not offering it free, but you are most welcome to visit my UKADI website for other free tips and videos to help you pass the test not only at Mill Hill, but anywhere in the UK.

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Mill Hill DSA Test Route Video 2012
I have also completed a detailed instructional video of one of the toughest test routes used by the examiners at Mill Hill with full commentary on what to look out for and how to safely deal with these tricky situations. It covers how to deal with Apex and Sterling corners (multi-lane roundabouts on the A1 dual carriageway with a 70mph speed limit) on the 10 minute independent route which many candidates have failed on, as well as other tricky areas where serious faults have been committed.

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This video covers the current 2012 driving test routes as used by the DSA Mill Hill examiners, and is the only correct information available anywhere on the internet, all other routes or maps (including SATNaV) are usually the 2009 ones that where in use prior to the introduction of independent driving on 4th October 2010 when the routes where changed and removed from the official DSA website at

Driving Test Candidate Testimonials
Here is what learner drivers have said about these videos:

"Thank you very much, yesterday I pass my driving test and this roundabout came to my test ..I watched this video for many time before my test and it saved me :) " Nahid

"Thanks for the Video download! I've got my test in just over two hours and this video really reassured me. :)" Bill

I watched this video nearly everyday before my driving test, i was bad at roundabouts. on the test i got about four roundabouts with 3 turning right i nailed them suckers and passed... thanks" Miguel

2 Driving Test Videos for £5.99!
You can buy these 2 videos to help you pass the driving test in Mill Hill for a bargain price of £5.99

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A preview from one of the videos is below, offering advice on exiting Mill Hill test centre during rush hours.

Did you know that the nearby Hendon Test Centre has a higher pass rate and more relaxed environment for provisional licence holders? It is an alternative place, but the wating list is much longer (up to 16 weeks in summer), while Borehamwood test centre has an even higher pass rate of 46% and waiting time of only 6 weeks maximum.

If you need to hire a manual car for the test in Mill Hill, then call today and see if my vehicle is available. I am happy to accommodate short notice appointments and extended driving tests, with full insurance for you and the examiner (rental cars don't have this).
If you also need some personal one on one tuition and guidance then I do offer driving lessons in the Mill Hill NW7 and surrounding areas of London including Hendon Aviation Square Driving test centre if you prefer using that, so get in touch to see how I can help you. I can also go over any test routes with you if that is your main concern.

Free Driving Test Tip Video
Here is a free instructional video tutorial on how to carry out Parallel Reverse Parking one of the 4 driving test maneuvers the DSA examiner might ask you to carry out. The others are Turn in the Road, Bay Parking, left reverse round the corner.

For Driving lessons in Mill Hill, or to practice on any of the test routes and to use my dual controlled car for the DSA driving test in London, call the driving instructor.

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