Driving Test Maneuvers Mill Hill - How to Pass

If you want to pass the driving test in Mill Hill, you need to master the 4 manuevers that the DSA examiner might ask you to perform without committing any serious errors or faults.

Before I go into this article, let me mention that on your driving test in Mill Hill, you are only going to do 1 manuever during the 35-40 minutes of the examiner assessment, this should take you about 5-7 minutes which means that if you successfully complete it without any major faults/errors, you still have about 82% of general driving still to go.

An important question for you to answer is:

Turn in the Road
This is one of the easiest test manuevers, and you shouldn't really be failing on it. The 2 points to be aware of is controlling the car (good clutch control) while not hitting the curb and good observations to make the exercise safe (especially with pedestrians).

The video below gives you some more information about what the driving examiners at Mill Hill test centre look for in candidates.

Bay Parking Exercise at Mill Hill
It is advisable that you master how to bay park to the right if you are taking the driving test in Mill Hill, as if you are doing this exercise at the end of the practical car assessment, this will be the only option available to you.

Bay Parking at mill hill test centre

Even though you will be doing this manuever in a not too busy test centre car park, it is important that you keep your car very slow, and take effective observations, while avoiding hitting the fence barrier behind you.

bay paking between cars dsa driving test Mill hill uk

Another test tip I'd like to offer for the Mill Hill test centre is don't bay park between 2 cars with the examiner in the car, as I had one candidate get failed by a tough DSA examiner who said that she was too close to the other vehicle even though she was completely in her bay! So do not give them an excuse to fail you, use the empty spaces available (practice if you like going between two cars).

Parallel Parking Exercise
The video below of the parallel parking exercise, should give a good idea of how the driving examiners expect you to carry out this manuever, so watch it thoroughly to avoid those serious driving errors that many candidates get failed on.

Left reverse round the corner
This is by far the hardest driving test manuever that an examiner can ask you to do in some of the roads in Mill Hill, and my advice to you is get a good local driving instructor who not only knows the various locations used by the examiners, but can also help you over come any difficulties you might have with this exercise using reference points that you can understand and grasp, because this is one of the common places where learner drivers fail in Mill Hill.
Skills that need to be mastered include good clutch control, effective observations, knowing when to stop, when to steer, which direction to steer and by how much. Most importantly what to do to avoid hitting the kerb.

Even though you are only expected to do one test maneuver out of these 4, many people still fail to pass their driving test in this NW7 London centre, due to some silly mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Independent Driving Video for Mill Hill

If you are having problems with any of the four exercises that you might get on the test (bay parking, parallel parking, turn in the road or left reverse round a corner), I can offer you affordable driving lessons in Mill Hill which will give you simple and easy to remember steps and reference points in a Manual Toyota Yaris. I guarantee that no manuever will be a problem after one hour with me, or you get your money back! Call me to book an assessment today.

Don't forget that Mill Hill has a very tough route so if you are not familiar with the area, I advice you to download my comprehensive video that covers this.

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