Hardest Driving Test Route Mill Hill London 2011

If you really want to pass the UK driving test at the DSA test centre in Bunns Lane NW7 London, then you need to do more than just be a good driver, since this is one of the hardest places to pass in London with a pass rate of just 34%. Being properly prepared and trained is a good starting place for anyone, however I can tell you that in real life to pass the UK practical car test here you need some local knowledge and a bit of insider information to help guarantee success.

Over the last 10 years as a qualified instructor I have seen some competent and safe candidates fail their driving tests in Mill Hill, London due to a tricky test route or lack of knowledge of what the examiner is particularly looking for when deaing with certain situations which you will only encounter here in Mill Hill, which is why I have made the video below to help you avoid the same problem and increase your chances of passing first time:

First of all it is important that you note DSA examiners can change a driving test route at anytime, so it is crucial that you understand the principles involved in dealing with the varied road conditions encountered on this hard test route as oppossed to memorising the roads or exits at a junction.
If you understand how to deal with a multi-lane roundabout, then it should not matter if you get Apex/Sterling corner or Mill Hill circus, nor should there be any difference if you are following the road ahead or turning right. You will still be able to choose the correct lane on approach, know how to use the signals and indicators and when to cross lanes exiting the multi-lane roundabout.

Someone recently failed the driving test in Mill Hill for driving too slowly on the 70mph A1 dual carriageway, the problem being that they needed to turn right so was in the fast lane, but only doing about 35mph, because the car was struggling in the gear 5, and simply changing the gear, accelerating would have resolved the driving fault and avoided the serious error resulting in a fail. This candidate would have made the same mistake on a different test route involving any dual carriageway and turning right, so make sure while watching this video you take note of the personalised comments pointing out important principles to be learnt, as learners make these mistakes all the time, so there is a tip in there that will be of help to you, if only in boosting your confidence that you are doing the right thing.

Taking a 2hr driving lesson in Mill Hill to cover these hard test routes will cost you £50 so investing £9.99 for this highly educational video is a bargain considering you can watch it over and over while still getting my personal attention especially on the major roundabouts which seem to trip up a lot of people. The driving video contains full commentary at the various locations where candidates have committed serious or dangerous faults on previous tests, and I explain what the DSA examiner is looking for, so you don't make the same mistakes and include tips that have helped many of my learners over the years achieve their dream of passing to obtain that coveted full UK licence especially foreign internationa driving licence owners who think they know how to drive.

This video covers the current 2012 driving test routes as used by the DSA Mill Hill examiners, and is the only correct information available anywhere on the internet, all other routes are usually the 2009 ones that where in use priory to the introduction of independent driving on 4th October 2010 when the routes where changed and removed from the official DSA website at direct.gov.uk.

Who is this driving instructor
If you are wondering who I am, and why you should spend your hard earned money on this product, then let me introduce myself. My name is Shola, and I'm the instructor behind the popular free Driving Test Advice website UKADI. I have been a fully qualified DSA driving instructor for almost 10 years all of which have been based in Mill Hill NW London, so if anyone has the knowledge to pass onto learner drivers taking a driving test in this difficult Mill Hill DSA centre then I should be the one, which is why I have taken the time to create this product for you and recommend you take advantage of it. Taking driving lessons with me costs £25 per hour, and in that time I can go over a test route, but you could easily forget, or might need more time for it to sink in. You can watch this video many times, at less than half the cost a lesson, and it could potentially save you from having to pay the DSA another £62 (weekends is £75) test booking fee.

I have made the video available as a high quality digital download, so you don't have to wait for your local post delivery and it is ideal for last minute driving test revision or short notice test bookings in Mill Hill for those not familiar with the local area including instructors from East London who seem to have lots of candidates trying to get quicker test dates than available at Wood Green.

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To give you an idea of the quality of tuition and video image that you can expect, have a look at the following free parallel parking driving test maneuver video tutorial I made, which you can use no matter where you are taking your practical car driving test:

DSA Mill Hill centre and examiner Information
If you are taking the driving test in your own private car, or are using Mill Hill test centre for the first time, you should download my information video for first timers and those using a private car! The information provided has saved a lot of people from wasted journerys, failing and equipped them to pass at this hard and strict London driving test centre.

A preview is below:

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I can also provide a driving test car for hire or driving lessons in Mill Hill. Call me today, number below, if you need any of these services.

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