Want to Pass at Hendon Test Centre London

Hendon driving test centre is an alternative more friendly and in my opinion easier place where you can try to get your full UK driving licence if you don't like the strict and less friendly Mill Hill test centre.

This NW London DSA driving test centre is located less than 1.5 miles away, the full address and post code is:

3 Aviation Drive
Beaufort Park

Tough Roundabout in Hendon

Personally I think the examiners at Hendon are much more relaxed and friendly which might account for the slightly higher pass rate of 39% compared to 34% for Mill Hill.

This doesn't mean that it is easier to pass at Hendon driving test centre, because the routes are similiar, and you could still get the dreaded apex corner multi-lane roundabout, high speed dual carriageways (A1, Watford Way A41) or narrow country lanes so being full prepared will give you a much better chance of passing first time, especially since one of the independent driving routes require you to deal with Apex corner on your own following just signs and road markings.

There are also a few tricky places where you need to be observant, read and understand road markings, making progress when necessary, use bus lanes when not in operation and be confident in your driving skills that are being tested.

For those not familiar with the area, I have created a very useful instructional video covering the more difficult test routes where many learner drivers have failed in the past, especially a poorly marked crossroad used towards the end of the driving test by the dsa examiners which seems to catch out many candidates resulting in a serious fault.

hendon test centre routes
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The Hendon DSA test centre also has disabled driver access unlike Mill Hill, so this is the place to use for NW London wheelchair users, unless the Borehamwood WD6 DVLA centre is closer to you. Toilet facilities are also available for test candidates, and they even have a chilled water fountain (probably the only London test centre with one) to help quench your thirst, though instructors seem to use it more than provisional licence holders. Do note that this centre has a longer waiting list than Mill Hill for the reasons already given so make good use of the one you have, as short notice test cancellations are hard to comeby at this popular location.

Driving Test Manuevers in Hendon

Since this driving test centre has parking facilities, you can be expected to do any one of the 4 manuevers for the DSA examiner. Bay Parking, Turn in the Road, Reverse parallel parking, or Reverse round a corner junction to the left, so make sure your driving instructor has covered all these before your booked test appointment.

Also note that due to reduced space and to avoid being a nuisance and inconveniencing the local residents of the private estate Beaufort Park, driving instructors are not allowed to practice in car park during working hours and the examiners will ask you to leave if you dont have a test shortly coming up. There are other places available which most local NW London ADIs are aware of for teaching and practising.

Hendon Test Centre Routes Video

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If you need high quality tuition to help with your Hendon test centre preparations, give me a call, and I would delighted to help in anyway required like going over the local test routes, vehicle hire meeting dsa test requirements or Pass Plus/Motorway and refresher driving lessons.

Link: Hendon Test Centre Phone Number