Learning to drive in Mill Hill

If you are thinking of learning to drive in Mill Hill, and are a complete beginner, then it is advisable to take the first few lessons with a qualified driving instructor especially if using a manual car for 2 reasons.

1. Driving Instructors will have a full knowledge of the local area, and can choose a suitable location for the time of day and ability of the provisional licence holder. The first few lessons a learner takes will have a big impact on how they do later, especially if they are nervous or are slow learners which means location and the ablity to adapt is important. Most family members or friends will only probably know one street or might not even have a clue, and expect you to be able to drive from outside of home.

2. Only driving instructors have dual controlled cars which are not just for keeping provisonal licence holders safe if they lose control of the vehicle, but are also used for demonstrating important driving skills such as clutch control, how to change gears or proper use of the car pedals like the brake, or accelerator.

Other things to think about when considering driving lessons, is the availability of your teacher compared to that of the learner. Parents or friends might not always be free when you are, more importantly some provisional licence holders might have an idea time to learn, like mid morning, and it is important to make the best use of these times in the early stages to make progress in understanding basic skills and the DSA requirements or standards expected.

Finally not only are instructors professionally trained on how to impart their knowledge to students at the standard that they will need to pass the driving test, there is less likely to be the problem of familiarity which is always present in a parent/child situation that sometimes can hinder the learning process.

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