Driving Test at 8.10am in the Morning is Hard

If you are thinking of booking a driving test at Mill Hill in the morning, then choosing the 8.10am slot is not a good idea unless you are an experienced confident driver who also knows how to deal with traffic and impatient drivers in a safe manner that the DSA examiner is looking for.

Even though the driving test appointment is 8.10, by the time the examiner checks your provisional licence, eyesight, complete the show me tell me and get into the vehicle, it would probably be closer to 8.20, and since you will be driving for an average of 30 minutes, you are going to be carrying out your test in the middle of the morning rush hour in a busy crowded area with people in a hurry to work, parents dropping children to school.

For an inexperienced learner driver this will only add to an already hard test assessment, and it could be hard for you to stay safe with cars hooting at you or find emerging to turn right almost impossible.

My advice to you would be to book either the earlier 7 or later 9 o'clock slots to have a fairer chance of passing (you will still have to deal with more traffic than say at 11).

Early Morning Driving Tests in Winter

Be aware that during the winter months, there is a greater likelyhood that your test will be cancelled in the morning due to fog, frost or ice, just because you see instructors conducting driving lessons, does not mean the DSA examiner will be taking you out, so make sure you call the centre if the weather is bad.

If you need driving lessons or a car to use for the test, then give me a call today! Number is on the right hand column.