2Hr Driving Lesson to Pass DSA Test Mill Hill

If you are an experienced international licence foreign driver or been taught to drive by family/friend or have recently failed the test, then I am currently offering a 2hr driving lesson in Mill Hill for £40 (saving £10 off my hourly rate) to help you pass at the next attempt.

During this 2hr driving lesson, I will use my vast experience of over 10 years instructing and help many learner drivers pass the DSA test in Mill Hill to guide you through everything you need to ensure you succeed and gain a pass cetificate. Not only will you have time to go over some of the tricky test routes like the Multi-Lane Apex and Stirling corner roundabouts, I will give you simple tips to help with any of the 4 driving test maneuvers that the DSA examiner might ask you to perform, including reference points and practising in the exact locations used.

Even if you are taking the test in your own private automatic car, I can still be of help, as I have in the past given many candidates the extra knowledge that has not only boosted their confidence but actually made the difference between passing and failing.

This driving lessons offer is for a limited time only, so if you are serious about passing at the Mill Hill Test Centre, get in touch with the Mill Hilll instructor, remember the examiner is not just interested in seeing you drive, but you have to do it in a particular way and standard!

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