London Olympics Affects Driving Tests in Mill Hill 2012

The DSA has announced that they have put in place measures which will ensure that driving tests in Mill hill countinue to be delivered during the London 2012 summer olympics from 27 July to 12 August, and 29 August to 9 September.

It is anticipated that even though the games venues are mostly in East London, some of the driving test routes most likely the A41 and A1 dual carriageways might have olympic lanes on them with a result in congestion on these roads and the surrounding area with locals moving to back roads which might mean tests could take longer.

One of the measures the DSA plans to implement is to reduce the number of tests carried out at Mill Hill during the period of the olympics from the normal 7 a day per examiner. This is to allow for more space between appointment slots in the event of delays due to traffic, but to also to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads (so do not be surprised by the longer waiting times this summer). It is also expected that the DSA might have to cancel on short notice some driving tests if there is local congestion or staff shortages, but they will try and keep this to a minimum, and are reserving some appoitment slots after the games have concluded to re-book candidates in.

The DSA obviously has no control over this London wide event and how it will affect the capital, and will do all in it's power to make sure all driving tests booked go ahead as normal, but do expect some last minute cancellations. Driving instructors and all candidates are advised to leave extra time to arrive for their appointments as while the examiners might be a bit more forgiving if you are a few minutes late, they still might refuse to take you out if you do not arrive within an acceptable time frame.

Mill Hill Driving Test Advice Video

Please Note:: Nearby Hendon Test Centre is also expected to be affected, but DSA/DVLA Borehamwood seems to be unaffected by current planning estimates.