Winter Driving Test in Mill Hill Snow

Now that winter and Snow is here, take note of the following if you have a driving test in Mill Hill.

There is a greater risk of your early morning test appointments being cancelled due to bad weather (fog, ice or snow).

Store the Mill Test Centre Bad Weather Number in your phone so that on the day of your examination you have it to hand.

If the weather is looking bad, or it has snowed overnight, call the DSA Examiners about 30 minutes before your appointment to confirm it is still going ahead.

The DSA does not give compensation for tests cancelled due to bad weather like snow or Fog, though you will be re-booked at Mill Hill free of charge, but your driving instructor might also charge you for his time.

Finally make sure you are experienced in dealing with the conditions that you will be taking your driving test in, the morning of your test should not be the first time you are driving in fog, encountering rush hour traffic or icy conditions.

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