Extended Driving Test Mill Hill

If you have been ordered to take an extended driving test due to a ban or licence revocation, and you decide to take it at the DSA centre in Bunns Lane NW7 London, then here is some information for you.

As you probably already know, you will be driving for between 60 -80 minutes depending on the driving test route chosen by the DSA examiner on the day, but you can be expected to drive for a long period of time on the A1 and A41 dual carriageways (50mph on the A1) as well as have to deal with the Apex corner multi-lane roundabout.

Now as an experienced driver this should not be a problem, however you need to be able to drive at the DSA standard, and this is what can trip you up. Bad habits like sudden lane changes without proper use of MSM or vering out of your lane on a roundabout are not acceptable as far as the DSA examiner is concerned.

As a local driving instructor with many years experience in the area, I can guide you through your preparation for the extended driving test, and also identify any bad driving habits that you need to work on getting rid of.

You only want to take the extended driving test once, so save yourself the money, time by getting some professional tuition before going to the Mill Hill driving test centre even if you are using your own car for the test.