Passing Mill Hill Test Is Easy

It is easy to pass your driving test at the Mill Hill centre provided you bear a few things in mind.

1. Make sure you have mastered your test manuevers, in particular the reverse round the corner and bay parking exercises.

2. You should be confident and safe dealing with fast moving traffic on dual carriageways at speeds close to 70mph. Make sure you know how to overtake or change lanes safely on dual carriageways.

3. Do not expect to pass the driving test in Mill Hill if you have weaknesses dealing with mini and major roundabouts. Two popular junctions where a lot of candidates fail are Apex corner and Sterling Corner. These major roundabouts need a bit of practice to master, therefore make sure your driving instructor is familiar with these mill hill areas.

4. It is tough taking an early morning test slot if you have not been having driving lessons at this time of the day in NW7 of London. You will need to be extra careful at junctions emerging to turn right, and should not make a decision based on the amount of time at junction, rather than if it is safe or not.

5. Personally I think the DSA examiners are less friendly compared to Hendon Driving Test Centre so be preapared to concentrate more on your driving even if you prefer them to talk to you.

6. The better prepared you are, the higher your success chances are, so using an instructor familiar with the area and who knows what the examiners want is highly important, and this is where my over 10 years of Mill Hill based experience will benefit you. I WILL stop you from failing the driving test by making sure you know the most common things that candidates fail on, the tricky routes/junctions and what is the best time to book and pass the test in this part of London.