Most Common Driving Test Fault in Mill Hill

Have you ever wondered what the most common driving test mistake is that examiners in Mill Hill fail candidates on?

The answer is junctions, and it starts with exiting the Mill Hill test centre car park onto Bunns Lane NW7 London.

This is not the only place that causes problems for learner drivers, in fact there are some simple mistakes like poor positioning when turning right major to minor roads, undue hesitation at junctions in particular many mini-roundabouts and of course the ever popular Apex Corner multi-lane roundabouts which require a lot of practise in order to confidently deal with them on the driving test.

So is it all doom and gloom for provisional licence holders wanting to take a driving test in Mill Hill, the answer is NO, what you need is guidance from the right Mill Hill based instructor who not only knows the difficult places, but also has the experience to help you overcome any weaknesses in the shortest amount of time.

There are various resources on this instructor webpage that can help guide you through taking your test in NW7 London, and if you prefer, I also offer personalised one on one tuition to give you the best chance of passing in Mill Hill at your first attempt.

Remember the DSA examiners are not just looking for an ability to drive a car from A to B, they expect a minimum standard of safety which they define, so make sure you know what is required, especially if you have booked a rush hour morning test.

If you are already at the required standard, then when not take a look at my Driving Test Videos and Tips on YouTube.