4 Same Minor Faults Equals Serious and Test Fail

As a learner driver candidate you need to be aware that it is possible to fail the driving test if you commit the same minor driving error more than 3 times while being assessed by the Mill Hill DSA examiners.

I have sat on many tests where this has happened, on the other hand I have also seen learners not get serious driving test faults and be marked 4 minors in the same category but this is not common so do not think that you have been cheated if fail with 4 minors for things like mirror checks, signals or stalling the car.

It is for this very reason that if you have a driving test at Mill Hill you need to ensure you are not making the same mistakes over and over by getting enough practice with your instructor or supervisor.

The other driving skill you need to practice and be confident with is roundabouts, as you can not escape these in this part of London.

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