Mini Roundabouts in Mill Hill

To have a very good chance of passing the driving test at Mill Hill in London, you need to be very confident of dealing with all types of junctions, especially roundabouts.

Mini-Roundabouts in particular can be points where candidates fail either due to:

1. Undue Hesitation where you are waiting un-necessarilly when it is safe to go. Being able to read traffic and their intentions is a skill that takes practice. Speed of approach and where the driver is looking will give you some indication where they are going.

2. Recognising mini-roundabouts and approaching at an appropriate speed. It is very common for a driving test examiner to give the instruction "continue to follow the road ahead until I tell you otherwise". It will then be important that you plan your journey and scan the road ahead for all types of hazards including junctions and dealing with them correctly.

Not all mini-roundabouts would have the blue round sign before them, there might just be the round white road markings with a give way sign, so you need to be attentive.

As a driving instructor living in Mill Hill, I am totally familiar with all the places where learner drivers commit serious test faults, and can use my local knowledge to help you pass at the next attempt, so get in touch now if you seriously want to pass your driving test in Mill Hill.