Mill Hill Pass Rate Does Not Matter

The low pass rate of 34% at Mill Hill test centre should not matter to you if you have the right driving instructor who can make sure you are one on the 34% learner drivers that passes on the day!

In the first month of Jan 2012, over 80% of my driving test candiates that have been to the Bunns lane centre have passed with flying colors (less than 6 minor errors), and this is not just a coincidence, but a testament to the high quality of tuition and preparation that I give my provisional licence holders during driving lessons.

Just in case you might be thinking that this is a plug for driving lessons, it is not, in fact 2 of the people were foreign licence holders who only hired my vehicle for the dsa test and I only had 1 hour to pass as much information to them as possible to make them safe at the standard required by the examiners. I don't offer cheap lessons because I want to offer the highest quality services to my clients, so it doesn't matter if you only want 1hr, I will give you my best (remember not everyone passes, and if you are not ready I will tell you, but you can still try your luck, unless I think you are a danger to others in which case, you can't use my car) to give you as much practise as possible.

Passing the UK driving test is all about preparation, get it right with correct tuition and guidance from a fully qualified instructor who has been 10 years in the area, and your chances of success are higher, but there is a price to pay, which is why I ask for £25 per hour.

If you want to be one of the 34% that passes, then get in touch today. Paying £20 per driving lesson could be the difference between success and failure, it is your choice.

Here is some free advice for your next driving test even if it is at Hendon Test Centre:

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